Friday, October 22, 2010

Fuzzy Balls

If you've spent any time with Maclain in the last year, you've seen him holding "fuzzy balls." The rest of the world calls them something much more innocuous, like pom poms or puff balls, but in our house they are "fuzzy balls." I got them for an art project, but instead they have become sort of a security blanket. While he's not as attached to them as he used to be, Maclain still carries them around frequently and wakes us up at all hours to look for them in and around his bed. It's amazing what he can do while clutching them in one hand!

We've had some funny conversations in the last year that I had to capture and share.

M: "Mama, do you like fuzzy balls?"
Me: "
M: "As much as me?"
Me: "No, I don't know anyone who likes fuzzy balls as much as you."

Maclain: "Do you want to feel my fuzzy balls on your cheek?"
Me: " Sure."
Maclain: "They tickle you, don't they?"

Cory: "How many fuzzy balls do you have?"
M: "Two"
Cory: "What color are they?"
M: "Blue"
Cory: "Do you like to juggle them?"
M: "Yes"
(Real mature Cory)

Random quote we've heard many times: "I love my fuzzy balls."

And, to his Bestie, Myah, "Myah, do you want to hold my fuzzy balls? I will share them with you." Funny how I heard him say that and thought, that's so sweet! He really loves her!


  1. I could die of laughter right now! This is why I love working with kids. Even when I seem that at their lowest, in the hospital, they still come up with crazy things to say like mr. maclain does.

  2. That is hilarious! And I loved Cory's maturity in that conversation :)