Thursday, November 11, 2010


October 27 was a big day in our house! Maclain turned three and Beckett reached the three month milestone. We've done lots of celebrating with friends and family. Maclain is really into Hot Wheels these days, and he was thrilled to get lots of new Hot Wheels toys. We gave him a trampoline because he has so much energy these days, and we don't have a yard for him to burn it off. (If only the dog could also burn energy on the tramp!) The trampoline is a hit, and he's getting so coordinated now. It took him all of a day to master seat drops, and now he's perfecting his puppy drops. Did I mention he is loving soccer and gymnastics? Clearly he inherited Cory's athletic ability and not mine, which we think is fantastic. I've noticed Maclain is getting so much more confident, and at his conference, his preschool teacher shared that he is really separating well each week, which is huge! I'm so proud of him!

At three years old, Maclain is fully potty trained, even overnight. He's got a great vocabularly, and he tests out new words regularly. Right now he's working on using the word "serious" appropriately. He seems to think it's a synonym for "silly." We've got some work to do. :) Maclain is loving being a "big brover" and tells us how excited he is regularly. He's so sweet with Beckett. When Beckett gets worked up in the car, Maclain tries to soothe him by saying things like, "It's okay, your big brother is here." or "It's okay Beckett. Take a deep breath."

Maclain is also starting to ask some tough questions, like "Where is God?" Yesterday, he was hung up on why the sky changes colors at sunset. I tried all sorts of explanations from the simple, "Because the sun is setting" to the complex, "Well, when the sun moves lower on the horizon, it's rays bend and produce the different colors we see." When none of those explanations satisfied him, I finally said, "God paints the sky different colors in the morning and at night to remind us that He's there and He loves us." Apparently that was what he was looking for because Maclain responded with, "Oh, okay. Thank you God!" How sweet is that? He was satisfied with similar explanations for rainbows and the changing of the leaves this Fall.

Beckett, at three months, continues to grow like a weed! I can't believe how long he's gotten and how great his trunk control is. He can sit upright in the Bebe Pod now, and he loves being able to sit up, look around, and play with toys! Just in the last two days he's really begun grasping things and interacting with toys more. It's so fun to watch him learn and develop! He has started sleeping through the night sporadically, which I find awesome! Beckett thought the whole Halloween thing was a bit much, so he slept through trick-or-treating in his cozy dinosaur costume. He grins from ear to ear these days, and he's working on a chuckle. It's low and throaty and adorable, of course! This past Sunday was his dedication at church, and it was beautiful to celebrate that with family.