Thursday, December 9, 2010

Four Months of Brotherly Love

Beckett rounded out his fourth month on this earth on November 27. I can't believe that in just four short months he's gone from this tiny little baby cuddling with his Nana...

to this smiley, giggly boy who sits so solidly in his Bebepod and lights up like a Christmas tree whenever his big brother is around! We love him to pieces!

In the last month, Beckett has started to giggle. His laughter comes out in bursts, like he's been saving the giggles up for a while. Just like his brother, he's quite ticklish. He rolled over last Friday, from his back to his tummy, and he's been trying for a repeat performance ever since. He gets pretty ticked when he gets stuck on his side, but we know he'll get there. Maclain, of course, rushes in to help as only a big brother can. I keep reminding him to be gentle, only to discover Beckett grinning from ear to ear. They can't seriously be ready to wrestle, can they???

We're marveling at the wonder of this Christmas season, trying to balance the Santa chatter with talk of Baby Jesus and the joy of giving. I'm loving the fact that for this year, at least, the Christmas tree isn't in peril! We're gearing up for an after-dark drive to check out the beautiful lights, and I can't wait to hear Maclain sharing his awe at those beautiful lights with Beckett!

Beckett's 4 month stats:
Height: 25 1/4 inches (75%)
Weight: 14lb 8oz (50%)

At 3 years Maclain weighs 29 pounds and is 37.5 inches tall, which means his BMI is in the 5th percentile. He's truly a Rutledge!

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  1. Beckett is so darn beautiful. And Maclain appears to love being a big brother. You and Cory make gorgeous little boys.